Wednesday, 20 November 2002

YoYo! howzy^^ cute…dis weblog thingy iz all BLUE^^ purdii eh^^ well, yaa…i signed up for it simpli coz dere wuz nth to do^^ and den, i wanted to see why everyone likes it…kinda suxz no say?^^ well…leave a lil commenty thingy and i’ll be veri happi^^ at least i’ll kno dis lil site izn’t all alone in da big scarii universe of www. oohehee^^ well, but go to my usual hpz…dat usualli lookz more nicey^^ keekee…well…cya^^….

btw, plz plz…ppl go to lar!! help me pull up statz hey^^~



2 thoughts on “Wednesday, 20 November 2002

  1. itz oke… bit wierd wierd tho… and must use their layoutz… i guess itz time i explored it abit…heehee^^ but not much time to bother w/ dis thingy^^… keekee… GooDLucK to u too!!!^^

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