Monday, 12 May 2003

should b gettin ready for sch now… but guess ill do a lil update here… since kelvin said i should *wut kinda logic is dat?!* so i guess i’ll update and here… maybe. so… leavin 4 sch in awhile. jus printed out my hw. joined a camp for 16-19th so leavin aftr sch on fri. *hope itz fun*. i think i wont b able to stand those ppl aftr 1st few days. scary~ hmm thx to vicky for callin me on fri. it realli helps knowin s/one cares enuf. n ofcoz thx to albert too^^~ jeez… celebrated moms day by bein realli nice 2 her *itz hard!* n out for lunch. heee~ yikes!! late late… DaBad is late for sch…. omymymymy~ kekeke^^”~



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