Wednesday, 14 May 2003

@sch csc lab… so freakin boring. im realli not in da mood for figuring out these stupid commands. y m i in csc neways! jeeez~~ i only got 3hrs of slp @ nite but funni how im not dat tired… got more tired tryin to make a stupid long d call… dummy me~~ 2days weather is depressin but feelin kinda peaceful in da lab… kakakaa* maybe dats y i like csc eh?! but feelin peaceful is ptless… need s/ initiative. gotta bury my head in work for now!! wellwell~~ work time!~~ dingding~~

“Success is my only m*bleep*f*bleep* option; Failure is not” –Lose Yourself.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday, 14 May 2003

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