Thursday, 05 June 2003

taken frum bitesize, frum lucy, frum jessica, from miC…

4 things about you:
1. tired
2. busy
3. lazy
4. dizzy

4 things that scare you:
1. friends leaving me behind
2. the unknown
3. failure
4. my future

4 things that make you laugh:
1. good friends
2. success @ sth i realli want
3. when im hyped
4. when im *pretending 2b* crazy

4 things that you love:
1. God
2. good good friends
3. my sis
4. family

4 things you hate:
1. ppl leaving me in da dark
2. being unprepared
3. nagging from “friends” and family
4. failing myself

4 things you don’t understand:
1. why im still alive
2. whether this world is real or my imagination
3. whether every1 is being a real good actor or do dey mean it
4. why uni is a must!><“~

4 things on your desk:
1. computer!^^
2. masses of loose paper
3. stick dude i drew for da camp poster
4. smarties *me?!^^*

right now you are:
1. debating which program i should be in
2. listening to KellyChen & HackenLee
3. icqing
4. designing webpage…

4 things you plan to do before you die:
1. get a life!
2. get a car & drive safely^^
3. travel around the world
4. tell my mom i do love her…

4 things you can do:
1. hyped to depressed in a sec… for no reason^^”
2. stare @ my hw for hrs and not get one single q done
3. falling asleep & wakin up ne/time… when i want to
4. forgetting everything else for sth i think is worthy

4 things you can’t do:
1. admit defeat
2. pretending to be nice when i hate someone
3. make decisions… let God lead the way
4. fail calc2 again!><“~~ *i wish*

4 people you want to see:
1. Jesus Christ …yep me too
2. Daddi
3. friends in van~
4. someone far far far away… ^^”*vague eh?!*

4 things that turn you on about the opposite sex:
1. style
2. confidence …also hate dem for dat reason too~
3. da way dey treat people
4. da focused sad smile look… kakaa~ dont ask y.

4 things you say the most:
1. ….
2. wat da hell?!?
3. heehee^^v
4. *silence*

u c+p this and answer it too!~


2 thoughts on “Thursday, 05 June 2003

  1. – smarties? why not blue skittlez??
    – boo to kelly!!!!!!!
    – i’m a frd in van
    – heh…sum1 far away….mayb in a certain country? across da water? los…
    – ur opp sex thing is interesting…lol….u say wakaka a lot too…lol…..

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