Friday, 13 June 2003

im so freakin unhappi. yaa~check da date… weird eh?! & guess where da hell im?! freak~ @ sch @ 9pm. & y?! coz im freakin unhappi. datz y im ventin it off here. yup~ for those of u who dont care enuf 2 remema, 2day iz mah bday. but wut da hell~ who cares. thx 2 those who bothered to remema i guess. im jus so freakin upset here & tryin to discuss it off myself here but u kno wut?! xanga sucks! it jus sucks so bad. y im i in dis site of all sites?! oya~ i was gonna design my bday layout. wada hell~ no mood for dat now obviously. ok, so da reason 4 my upsetness~ o~btw, im wreckin s1z plan for gym here but wut da hell~ for once im more important. ya~ n im upset so wat da hell u gonna do abt it, huh?!?!??! kno wut~ i shouldnt use my name in vain~ dahell iz a very respectable name n i dun want it used for s/ stoopid ventin like dis… erm~ hey~ u meanin 2 say im stoopid?! f*u! hmm~ y is so many mo liu ppl here?! well dis is a csc lab~ but hell~ outta 10ppl here prolly only 2 r actually doin sth csc related. sheesh~ but dose othr 8 incl me~ & u kno wut~ sch comps r freakinly slow. haf ta wait like 5mins for a msg 2 get thru~ aawell~ who cares. ne/wayz~ back 2 my prob~ nth 2 say abt my prob~ i dont haf a prob! itz s/ live-in bitch dat cant freakin hold her temper~ not evn on my bday! not dat my bday iz of ne importance. wut da heck! da least i did on her bday was treat her 2 lunch n out w/ her da whole day! wat da freak! n she gets pissy @ me for s/ stoopid reason?! well~ im not gonna go back til tmr! or better yet~ never. hmm~ how long can i survive here?! im got a nice 1024*800 mon here. my choice of hundreds of comps. my choice of sofas all around campus. i could prolly starve myself a few dayz~hmm wonder if da kitchen gives out food. IM SO FREAKIN UNHAPPI ON MY OWN FREAKIN BDAY! wat DAHELL! hey~ i could evn online 24/7 here. cool eh. n if da comp breaks down, got technicians to fix it rite up for me. or maybe i just roll my @ss ovr to da next comp. i could also wake up 5mins b4 class n run dere n still b on time eh! hrmm~ if im long term gonna b here id bettr dl icq. doubt i could work w/ go.icq nemore. i could also run around da sch each mornin 4 exercise. datz if i haf da energy. hmm~ but kno wut~ my cell cant rcv in here. hah~ no more fan calls from fan ppl. itll prolly b cut nxt month newayz. not dat da battery will last. got a ld fone card. could make a few help calls should i need. but hell~ no1 i could call newayz. & dis entry iz 2 long~ i’ll continue w/ anothr one if i feel like ventin nemore… sigh~ WHAT DAHELL!!!!


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