Monday, 21 July 2003

@ csc lab… dats da only place i’d ever b 2 come by dis pg. arg~ im so pissed off w/ myself!!! jus had anothr STUPID midt. da teach said dat q was gonna b on!!! he said it!! n not j/kly eithr. n i knew dat type of q would be on!!! aaarg! wat da f* was i doin not studyin dat?!?!?!?!~ me n my stupidity!! not gonna fail again!! nononono-.- i feel like cryin. n my stupid mp3 playa is down to one bat again. stupid batteries! cant evn recharge!! n im penniless 2 buy new ones! aaarg~~ wat da hell will become of me?!?!?!? listenin to joey’s song if its of ne/ interest 2 u~ n g’luck to Ha for getting his license~ n stupid me hasnt evn started learnin!! aaarg~ its not fair!!!!-.- nth is fair~~ NOT FAIR~ n i kno its useless sayin dat coz every1 knowz this world is unfair n so do i… but its still UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

aawell~ dat got me cooled. gotta study for nxt midt~


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