Monday, 06 October 2003

update~been awhile…

so, sitting in csc lab once again working on another program. this one is abt writing a text editor to be used in unix comps… written in perl. grrr~ perl is a nice lang, tries to help alot. but try talking in a language that u’ve just heard about in 2 lessons and told to go chat w/ a native straight away! well~ same thing, prog languages are just as hard… and da worse part is this assignment is due on tues… 2 days later. and im sick><” feeling so friggin uncomfy!~ snot runnin all over da keyboard… yipes…><” and im feelin kinda droopy tho da med did say non-drowsiness. and im stuck on how to continue w/ da prog coz dunno how its exactly gonna b used. and im hungry. well~ actually ate bfast and lunch… but still hungry. dont feel like eatin… but still feel like should eat sth… aarg~ am i messin ya guys up?! sigh~ and no one gives a dam~… sigh~ why do i still care who cares?! coz SOMEONE should be caring… *hint hint hint*~ aaaag~ nevermind… MORON~ <-mah fav word… u MORON… =P

awww… winnie leaving today… byebye winnie… sorry couldnt be there to say byebye… but im sure we’ll keep in touch right??^^~ miss ya so fast already… kekee~

keke… well~ lets hope this entry here isnt gonna be offending ne/one… not that he should be comin along eh…? and hope some MORON gets da *hint hint*… sigh~ how could MORONs understand… might as well ask… but its freeeezing outside… altho im in sweater already… and engr labs dont get receptions… sucky labs… or sucky phone… or sucky me… aaarg… or sucky assignment. nth would be dis bad if it werent for da assignment right?^^ yeaa… lets blame all our badluck on dis poor lil assignment… wakakakaka~ im tired… BRA TIME_TO_REST… oops… (BRA means branch in assembly… means goto in whatever other language… same as JMP… but works on shorter distance and sounds more… *ahem* so what did that line make u think of?~ sicko) . da meaning was time for me to take a rest… even tho typing this was sorta a “rest” but wanna go out for a lil walk… relax my eyes from this horrible screen… tsktsk… sa-la-la-la~ (sa yo na ra~)



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