Tuesday, 14 October 2003

im at sch every single day seems like. sad eh^^” in less dan 21hrs, i’ll finish my seng265 midt. sweet. then study for csc230 one. mayb i should start studyin it now coz assembly aint no easy… except for da bra commands… da only one dat sounds interesting^^ j/k. and how da hell duz c pointer work?? headachy. time iz runnin out baby^^”~

not jus for sch related stuff am i killin time. seems like my one month deadline is up soon too. not dat im gonna do ne thing jus coz s/one threatenz me on it… no siree^^ no Sir…  sorry Sir… erm~ watching too much of that “Love Undercover”… kakaa~ unless u are Ah Sir… which u mite guess wut im pointin @… but ur not. pointin at… pointer… wonder if pointers work in da same way… “you *finger” <– would mean finger(var name) pointing to a certain type, you… yikes. i didnt say it was my middle one… am i going crazy^^ im messin things up. so i guess u can guess wutz up w/ me now eh^^ back to study now… ¹-la-la-la….



3 thoughts on “Tuesday, 14 October 2003

  1. “the love of my life”? haha i’ll give you a hint.. it’s not a person *gasp* 😛 Well, how’s UR ❤ 😉 ?

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