Thursday, 16 October 2003

back again… feelin kinda down. jus finished my csc230 midt which was hard. stupid me~ how da hell u check if itz lower case?! ansii, u ID10T! and itz rainin crazy outside. wish it waz rainin catz n dogz. den i’d pick up a cute lil puppy n cuddly it home^^” sth wrong w/ my mp3 playa again… duznt say byebye (^_^)o ne more… ne wayz, da pt is nothin iz going gd… so, im jus gonna hide out here for awhile… until da rain calmz down abit. at least derez KellyChen music w/ mee… wanna change layoutz again for my hp, but cant @ sch compz. dey suck! n no ideaz ne wayz. where iz ppl when u need dem? not dat i do… but… aww freakin~



2 thoughts on “Thursday, 16 October 2003

  1. heh….1|)10+ …h4xOrz…or wutevr…life is craptacular…i’m here to join da crowd….fancy meeting u here..@ least u got tall and buff arthur…u need sum Joey music…ur only denying urself the inevitable…and heh..funny way u end….

  2. yes andrew lead..los a bit diff..he’s got a diff style and since flora @ home he’s doin it alone..which is interesting…not lookin @ 4 ppl’s thoughts…quieter fellowship now tho…cuz so few ppl it feels like compared to b4…and yea i’m doin alritez….tell u in a wk…

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