Monday, 20 October 2003

If God brings you to it, God will bring you through it
Happy moments, praise God
Difficult moments, seek God
Quiet moments, worship God
Painful moments, trust God
Every moment, thank God

s/one fwd thru icq… nice^^ even tho iv been skippin out on fellowship meetings n stuff for awhile… still wanna go back to charis!! guess itz koinonia now^^”~ but i’ll still miss ya guyz!! weeee~

ne wayz… phew~ hope i did da asn rite… gotta leave for class in few more mins… have fun peepz! n dont worry so much… God will prepare everything for ya! <–i think datz a lesson i need ta remema too!^^



4 thoughts on “Monday, 20 October 2003

  1. wow…nice to c..esp da way i’m feelin rite now…havta remember…and congratz on asn…yes we rock =) tho not as much rock as b4 cuz we missin kewl ppl…cya ’round Da when icq is working for telus ppl again..mah fan…

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