Wednesday, 22 October 2003

grrr :E…

i HATE people walkin out on me! jus so friggin HATE it… trust me im not gonna b runnin around lookin for anyone!! grrr :E… esp not for a friggin idiot who wouldnt evn get me some icecream… pissed!><” ok, mayb it was kinda unreasonable @ 2am, but i really wanted icecream!!!><” well, actually, i didnt REALLY want it, should b watchin mah diet ne wayz, but da pt is i wanted icecream and he wasnt even WILLING to go get some! i kno he has s/ probz w/ sneakin out dat late, but still!! i didnt really xpect him to get it… jus wanted to kno dat he would… and all he could do was “nah~ how bout tmr”?!?!? grrr ;E he’s gonna hafta do ALOT better if expectz ne thing… aaawell~ some friggin ppl really arnt worth it eh… is it realli me bein unreasonable?! aaaw~ freak~ n he had da nerve to ask me ta say im not pissed?! grrr ;E well~ maybe i wasnt pissed… jus… dissappointed.

dissappointed how even he would walk out like dat… hate it!><”

gotta go back to studyin… and meanwhile stash myself s/where where no one would find me… aint i good at findin lil hiding places?~ so… time for me to fade into oblivion…. jyaa~



5 thoughts on “Wednesday, 22 October 2003

  1. hmmm.. how did you ever find me?

    u got a nice page.. wow..

    ur canadian, ur chinese.. and ur a girl of my age.. wow wow wow..

    im canadian, im chinese, and im not the typical guy that u’d bump into on the streets..

    i’d give u ice-cream it’d be waiting in my fridge here in HK

    lub ur page


  2. hey hi.. guess who’s this? .. hahahahah i just started a new xanga. and.. u eat too much. u dont sever icecream. =) im nice .

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