Monday, 27 October 2003

hmmm… i like ur commentz… but i still think guyz r messed up~ wutz up w/ all this gaming?! grrrrr ;E and im da one being unreasonable?! ouch* i think i should focus more on sch work first… coz afterall, no pt in wrecking my future over a lil… *cant think of word to describe*

so wanna hear more “shun”-ing abt sch?! abt how friggin much midt i have and da asns dat still havent started? and dat i really cant work out how these weird discrete math principles go?! kaka~ guess not. so save ya from dat…

im really not being a good christian… in more ways dan one… grrrr ;E am i doing ne thing right in dis mucked up life of mine?! infact, can i do ne thing right? wat can i do?! nth~ grrrr;E readin my entries sure arnt makin u feel nice eh?

actually… im a nice happi lil gurl dat enjoyz skipping under da sun…^_^o im a nice happi lil gurl when i get to skip and da sun is out… (skip class) ^ (sun out) => (me a nice happi gurl). cant remema ne of da logic laws stuff to support dat… mayb math could be useful…

is *someone* is smart dey should b here now… but since not… then too bad. im off again… sa-ya-la-la~



6 thoughts on “Monday, 27 October 2003

  1. hey hi.. did u get your csc 230 yet? i slept in today. =(. did he return your midterm yet? hahaha.. how did u do on it?… =(…

  2. hehe…gaming is gaming…it’s indescribable..and mayb things will clear up…tho right now, it seems unlikely…just cuz….i’v skipped da last wk and today…..except for tue’s lect/tut…elaine has a lot of droppings..hehe..

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