Thursday, 30 October 2003

omymy~ prolly got to stay in da engr labs for another few 24hrs again… makes me sick thinkin of it^^

halloween soon guyz^^ i wanna go trick or treatin^^ too bad so old geezer wouldnt play w/ me~ guess who?! actually feels nice dissin someone here knowin dey’r too lazy to sign up an acc and comment^^ Ar u suck… and sleeping is more important than me finishin my assignments (<–*note* plural) kar kar kar~ jus felt like complainin even tho i did say i wouldnt. n kno wut? it hurts being dissed abt sth i should be good at… like java. and eng. jus hurts. ouch*

i cant focus on my asn!!>< skipped two consecutive classes today (i only have two today^^) feels like missed out on sth… but really must finish my asn!!><” MUST! flunked da stat midt. ne/wayz, by next mon, i’ll be a free lil bird… twitty~ cant stand this pressure… and my friggin csc acc is full!>< how does ne1 survive w/ only 3gb. grrr!><” how did i fill up 3gb?! outch~ getting fat… diet time^^

曾聽說有許多戀愛  沒有結果卻剩傷心者感慨
令我都刻意避開  是我不敢相信真愛
但你不惜真心真意對待  竟令我再感到意外
讓我獻出同樣被愛  全面喝采

如果今天將失去眼前的一切  剩低清風兩袖也不計
唯獨你一個是不可給取替  是我生命裡的一切  Wooh
如早知今生跟你有幸可相愛  在當初應更努力為未來
其實我知道是可一不可再  下半生准我留住你一直相愛

誰似你這般欣賞我  誰也說不上妳一般清楚我
問我可需要甚麼  願你終生交託始我
讓我一生好好把你照料  請讓我體恤你需要
為你獻出全部熱愛  從來沒缺少♥



2 thoughts on “Thursday, 30 October 2003

  1. hee…funny post…me dying @ sfu too…no more bs-ing…i cna’t keep up my barely above 2.0 gpa….wut is ur account filled w/? 3gb is so much..if it’s ftp space…and wanna translate chinese 4 me? =) cuz ur nice? lol….

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