Monday, 03 November 2003

why am i so friggin pathetic?!

phucked up! im totally phucked!! and da phucked up thing is? no phuckin person can get me outa this phucked up pile of shit… freak~ not that ne shit would give a dam~ i’v had enuf of dis shit!!><“~ mic, ur good at self control compared to me rite now, coz dat was necessary… i’ve so friggin had it with myself!!!><” life… its got a grudge against me or sth. FUCK~~~ as for failing w/ falling colourz… interesting metephor. how descriptive. i can jus imagine my ass all red and purple when i get da results for dis phucked up midt… so how does it feel watchin me gettin so phucked up like dat eh?! u’d better be happi coz dats all da entertainment for tonight… freak~
excuse my… crudeness~ not that u would care and i dont give a xxxx what u think!!!~

heh~ suddenly thought of sth DaviD said: “i’m done with school. no school for me. show me the auditorium and i’ll show them what fuck i give about school” hah~ wish i could say that now… miss those times when i really believed dat was da way of life… hah~



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