Tuesday, 04 November 2003

lets focus on something more joyful for this post…

maybe i should be feeling unhappi and pissed, but im weird what can u say^^ apologize for my rather “impolite” behavior yesterday… i was angry. that’s what stress does to me. i alwayz tend to focus on da itsy bitsy ugly detail when i should step back and look at da beautiful painting God has created for us… heh^^” a rather overused analogy. finished my demo today lucky the instructor didnt even glance at the code. ofcoz, dat means i got a lot of catching up to do and should start my seng and math assignments soon. no all nighters again… but, lets have a nice relaxing day for once… in a long while.

there are times when -Da- lil kiddy should learn to grow up… face things in a more mature way. im trying to learn… peepz, jus scream at me when i get carried away again… and i’ll try my best to stay calm and listen. God will make a way… hah~ tho i doubt jacking off frdz solution was what God wants for me… heh. but its disgusting the amount of ppl dat cheat. pure pukingly disgusting. and the worse part is im trying my best not to, and i get failed.  ouch* ill remema dat stoopid 240 wrinkled geezer singling me out. sigh~ least i failed knowing it was my skill not s/one else’s. “being a person is not easy, being a good person is even harder”

thx for peepz who tried their best to calm me and prayin for me… feelin better today altho i still consider some things… “unresolved”. thx Ar~ for doing ur best to hold ur temper w/ me… i kno i can be difficult at times… which of u out there reading this doesnt kno that eh^^”~

aww… feeling slightly melancholy as i prepare to end -Da-‘s last post. but who knowz… -DaHeLL- alwayz finds some sneaky way to get on here and rant…^^”~ -DaHeLL- has an uncanny way of knowing how to make da biggest mess of everything… lets hope -Da- hasnt lost her touch at fixing… then again… -Da- was never good at that either… and then… things jus get wrecked… and so… aww man~ how many of you get what im going on abt? coz i dont… lets jus sit here quietly and see…

meanwhile… i’ll be around to prop u guyz^^~ 99z….



2 thoughts on “Tuesday, 04 November 2003

  1. what that was your last post?? no way! I hope things will continue to run smoothly so that you won’t you know… see ya da- da- da.. i’ll keep bugging you with my DROPPINGS!!

  2. eww elaine’s droppings need cleaning up….glad u seeing a happier side…alwayz remember to pray..datz wut i’v learned l8ly…i get wut u goin on about….cya ’round Da

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