Thursday, 06 November 2003

this shows how bad my self control is^^

did i say i would never leave assignments to the day bfore its due? math due tmr^^” ouch~
sth funny… i couldnt get my c programs to compile and run… pissed me off for such a long time. and, i did notice that my disk quota was running over quite a couple of times… altho i only had few 5k files in there! then… after some du (unix command that tells u how much spaces ur files r occupying; also, similar sounding word which might have been on the tip of da tongue) i deleted at least 14mb of… trash^^ kaka… immediately da stoopid file could compile AND run… altho output not what i “envisioned” it to be… kaka~
another thing… might not be going back to van after all^^ hope it’ll still be as fun kakaa~ as fun as da sch labs could be?! i’ll be missing u guyz…^^



3 thoughts on “Thursday, 06 November 2003

  1. ouch… undesirable….and awesome! datz wut i did to hd..del 3.5gb of trash….dunno how i found so vanc? darn darn…disappointed….hope u can if u still can, den u can and will….

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