Tuesday, 25 November 2003

沙 Sand ~ 何韻詩 Denise Ho

過去我已在這裡 但太小未被在意吧
I was here since before  But too small to be noticed
而他和她和她 包裝比我美 舉止比我誇
And her and him and her  Presented prettier than me thus better than me
但我也有眼耳望到嗎 踏上去也會痛你知嗎
But do i have sense to know?  And pretending hurts, you know?
平時我靜默不多說話 表達有點差 但也盼被慰問一下
Usually im quiet notmuch words  Bad at explainging  But hope you’ll ask
明知眼淚沒有光 仍然很想閃一下
Know well that tears don’t shine  But still hope i can cry
如果我是金剛鑽 問你更在乎嗎
If im golden jewel  Would you care more?

即使身價像細沙 都想得你留神嗎
Even if my worth is like sand  Still hope to capture your attention
Also hope can become  Blown up by north wind
吹進你 眼內細沙
(The only one blown away)  Blown into your eyes
Even if throatsore  Do i get any pity?
要是注定被你這麼疏忽 也盼你留下
Even if destined to be overlooked  Still hope you’ll keep
讓你皮鞋聽我說話 好嗎 好嗎 好嗎

我話我昨夜哭了 你笑笑當我講笑
I said i cried last night  You smiled as if i was joking
任我就算多小 我也有難題也未算小
Although im small  I also have problems that arent small
容許我就當騷擾 借對耳分享我寂寥
Let me bother you  Borrow your ears to share my loneliness
除非我並不緊要 未配有這需要
Unless im unimportant  Not worthy to feel this

你在世上另有很多東西 更加高貴
You have lots of things in your world  Worth more than me
對我好 不夠偉大嗎
Being good to me isnt enough right?



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