Thursday, 27 November 2003

done with my classes, but studying is jus 24hrs so, no break for that…
jus read yysan’s entry… wowness! they get to play w/ E Coli stuff… sounds totally dangerous and cool. kakaka~ why dont we get sth like that to play with in csc? hmm~ and dat comment on no “life-threatening programming”, aawell~ all our programs are life threatening^^ been pulling all-nighters for last few programs. and i gotta finish asn4 for seng too! more sleepness nights for this weekend^^ makes me absolutely excited! =.=” iv been dreaming in perl lately… freaky eh?!^^ they’r all splice-ing me and split-ting me up (really useful functions tho). and, it ends with those regexp chasing me and i trip and fall fall fall… then the stupid alarm goes off and i face da real nightmare… school! urgh! another life threatening aspect of programmers: (as seng and csc prof both keep harping on) programmers are never expected to sign contracts saying their programs will work. ofcoz, its expected that it will, but should an airplane fall out of the sky, or the usa voting system die, its none of our fault coz da id10tic user didnt kno how to use it!! wakakaka~ makes me sound jus so responsible doesnt it??^^ ya well~ that’s da purpose of this seng course!><” it took a mark off simply coz one function wasnt indented and aligned with the rest><” aaaarg, that one single tab killed one full mark-5%!!
ne wayz… thats my boring life for now. been sleepin real early lately^^” but im still tired… need to get some real chillaxin soon or im gonna blow up under this pressure… aaarg^^~



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