Saturday, 27 December 2003

christmas day : went to christmas worship early in da  morning, then back to jo’s home to eat lunch. ar came and picked me up s/time later… basically went to surrey and slept christmas away…hmhm…

boxing day : woke up around 07:50 to find 2 missed calls and 2 text. kaka~ someone must have been early^^ went to metro to meet ar and walked around. it was still fairly “empty” for awhile but superly crowded a few hrs later. normal. went to watch lotr3 at 12:00. it was pretty good, shows alot abt friendship and trust. da downside was the ending seemed to drag on a bit and didnt explain why froddo had to go back to shire…(spoiler* oops^^) ne wayz, ate lunch at honolulu island. been ages since iv been there. ar had to leave so he drove me back to metro, where i went off w/jo to eric’s house. da hotpot was good^^ tho i was pretty filled. but da peepz were a bit too noisy and nosy…and just in general, annoying. hah^^”~ emem…prolly coz didnt kno them that well. i miss the old charis bunch…><“~chatted alot w/ rebecca. she’s such a sweetie, and does actually kno more abt me than i woulda thought… talked abt… em stuff. but on today, i decided to re-commit myself to God. peepz, no matter how badly u’v done, God always loves u ga! confess ur sins and trust in him lar! but some things must be changed. emm… but i kno, w/o God in my life, i’ll really be a totally failure… so, i rather give my life to God, than to do everything my own way knowing i’ll be making so much mistakes… u dont understand, do u? emm… i’ll pray to God, that He could let u understand lar…

today : woke up late. did nth. no where to go. na simsim ha da… hahaha~ this line is stuck everything i think… arda…kakaka… i kno im being stupid, but i rather be stupid than to keep wondering abt so much things…evn tho rebecca’s warning abt being careful is good……. hmm…

do i get ne mictalk?^^”



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