Tuesday, 30 December 2003

yesterday : dayam… cant blv holz can get boring… stayed in da whole day. yipes. well… watched it snowin, alone…a wellz… at least figured a way to get the “H” in… but looks corny. i mean white w/ that type of blue… hm… stands out too much but in no mood for un doing again… its sucky enuf to feel pissed off at s/one and think s/one is pissed off at u but then to kno s/one its dissappointed at u, for a reason that u feel dissappointed at them for… is doubly hard to bear… sadness… aawellz, digression. tv time…

today : hm… stayed in again. wutz up w/ stayin warm. didnt i wish it was snowin?? mayb i should go out roll in da snow nude, then i might get pneumonia, which would xplain y im freezin even indoors, my fingers r like icy, and y im shiverin w/ a sweater under these pjs and heater cranked up to 30 sth… aawellz… at least itz a white christmas…hah. mayb i should walk over to my hi-sch and run few laps… but couldnt find my jacket. dayam… ne wayz… prolly leaving tmr. since im outta *che-ching* n mite as well spend s/ time wid my dear ole mommi… hmm… when did i get so family minded??^^”~



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