Thursday, 01 January 2004

~!!HaPPY NEW YEaR!!~~

emem… a new year a new start rite?? erm… hah. lets do some reminiscence of this past year bfore we start our resolutions??^^ last year… hrm… winnie just reminded me… last year today: there was a sleepover at joanna’s house… quite a few ppl came up^^” one unforgettable scene was of me, winnie and nc chatting… it was real good~ knowing a bunch of such of great frdz to past over next yr with! kaka… n how can we forget da fireworks that kelvin decided to set for us^^”~ such big risk!! n all we other ppl did was huddle in da back… kaka. then kelvin and ha decided to be worms and with us throwing mahjong at them…kakakaa. this yr alot did happen. met ar la… and have been together for 4.5mo lu~ never thought i could keep it up eh^^” left God, and re-committed myself to God… altho it seems like i mite lose s/ “fun” but i trust God will take care of my future where i cannot… emem^^”~ altho there was no big bashin party, this year peacefully and happily slipped into….

~!!YEaR 2004!!~

wow… hard to imagine. another yr has past. so wuts my resolution for dis yr? hmm…
(1) trust God and please Him before everything else!
(2) get up my gpa… hard!!><
(3) learn to do sth useful eg. cooking…
(4) …i’ll add more when i think of some…. hahaha
ne thing u think i should do this yr?? kekee… u could remind me!!^^”~



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