Thursday, 26 February 2004

¥ý¤J¬°¥D – §d¯E±dNgDeep

«ô°U§A  ¤£­n¼Æ§Ú  ±q«e¨Æ­Y§A­n¼Æ¤Ó¦h¦ÃÂIÅý§A¼Æ¤£ºÉ
§A¬Ý§Ú  ¤µ¦¸¦h¦u«H  Ãø¹D§Ú«á®¬¤w¸g¨S¦³¥Î

¬O§Ú°µ¿ù  ¬O§Ú°µ¿ù  ¬O§Ú°µ¿ù  §A­n¤°»ò
Áa¶O¥Î©ù¶Q¦b©Ò¤£­p  ¥u·Q¬~¥h¹L¥¢  ²Ö¿n¤@³fÂd
«ë¤]«ë¹L  ¾x¤]¾x¹L  »@¤]»@¹L  ÁÙ¨D¤°»ò
§ÚÁa¬OµLªk³Q§A©ê¦í (¹L¥h¨Æ¦ó¥H©|­n¦h´£)
³£°_½XÅý§Ú°±¦í¶^¶Õ (³ò¶³o°Q¹½¥DÃDµo´§)

§A°O¦í§Ú·íªì¤£©¾¸Û  ¤£¬Û«H¤µ¤Ñ§Ú·R¤W¦w©w
§Ú¹ïµÛ§A«ç«OÃÒ  ¦Ü°÷¤OÃÒ©ú§Ú¤w¬O©w¤F©Ê

¦ó¥H  §A·|«Ý§Ú³o»ò¤£¤½¥­
§Ú¦AÅý§AÃø¹L  §ÚÄ@¨ü³øÀ³

“¬O§Ú°µ¿ù  §A­n¤°»ò  Áa¶O¥Î©ù¶Q¦b©Ò¤£­p  ¥u·Q¬~¥h¹L¥¢” s/timez leh, don’t u wish u could wash away all ur past miztakes no matter the cost? but people just don’t see you in da same way even if you try to change… hmmm… best solution : just don’t make da mistake… but, is that possible?



2 thoughts on “Thursday, 26 February 2004

  1. guess this mite b redundant….but Jesus Did do that for us Da ^^ but if ur talkin about ppl…well…don’t worry about them…mistakes can b made, but u shouldnt regret them, only learn from them….keep Praying Da….

  2. uVic good? not as good as SFU and itz 75% of the pop. who smoke XP…worse than walking on a highway…so many fumes….but i doubt i’l b gettin in2 uVic…far and reqs mtie b too high for my slack…more likely is douglas….attractive music pgrm…

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