Tuesday, 09 March 2004

wee… just finished a midterm yesterday and after handing in a csc225 assign on fri, i’ll have @least a week off with nth to do…yippiee~ iznt dat great compared to nearly dying with stress a week back?!^^ but then, i’d better start some studyin coz im mizzin out on alot of classes><” grrr~ (these things are easily said but never done) and ar is busy with his friend… bla~ guess itz a good thing, den i get more time on my own… woopiee~^^ …. >_<” feelin kinda bored now… but since ar rather spend time w/ hiz frdz, den i should stop botherin him… but wa to do wa ta do wa ta do… prolly hideout at some frdz house till sth pops up… gaaa~ get a life -da-… grrrr*~ ….



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