Monday, 12 April 2004

promises promises promises… and how many actually get carried out? well~ wutz da point in blaming him? everyone is the same… everyone lies… everyone says things they don’t mean and forget about it… im just one particular person who takes things too seriously i guess… hah~ idiot -da-

feeling real sickly lately… rest and meals totally irregular. got more than enuf sleep days ago, but suddenly just totally lost all my energy n couldnt even stand up… freaked me out. then got this irritating throatsore and started some bad case of sneezing. dang~ itz freaking everyone else out as well. and duz anyone care?? heh~ why should they… i must be dreaming too much… dumb -da-

school… deadly. must pass csc225. must. must. must!! a frd whose was in a yr bfore me grads this year. and me? still have @least 2 more yrs to suffer. stupid -da-

idiot + dumb + stupid =



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