Tuesday, 01 June 2004

yoyo~ havent typed anything for ages. turned to writing my diary at another place more, so not updating the one on my site. don’t have my new website up altho there is a new layout should u want to go look. on the verge of creating a new website with a more “professional” look. dang~ how can i be called a CSc student to live w/o a good showable website. but it’ll be awhile before i come up with sth, so calm. btw, i heard uVic’s CSc had some part in microsoft held competition or sth and came out winner. wow~ really?! hehehe~ heyhey, i’m in uVic’s CSc program!!^^” haha~ anyhow, no idea if it’s real or not coz i only heard about by word of mouth and rumours have their ways of exaggerating. owell~ it’s too late to back out now, i’ve been in this program too long. but, just because i’m pretty sure of graduating with this, doesnt mean i don’t have my friggin failures. dang~ just got super bad news this morning in my discrete math course. discrete math sucks! but the teacher is hella pretty so i drag myself up every morning to attend her class. sigh~ and startin this sem, there’s gonna be a C minimum on all business/math courses and B in all CSc courses to stay in this program. sigh~ if i get chucked, then guess i will give this option up then. sigh.

enuf sighing. it was my fault for not doing enuf studying and being hella dummy at organizing.

went to watch Shrek2 and The Day After Tomorrow yesterday. Shrek2 was hella funny and that puss in boots was such a cutiee^^”~ “for you, baby, i will” hahaha^^~ but it was a nice sweet ending. i didnt watch Shrek1 but heard it wasnt as good as this. The Day After Tomorrow wasn’t supposed to be watched, but after some bargaining with my partner in crime(he was the evil boss in this!!^^” haha), where he promised to go church with me @least once a mo (haha~ is that me trying to redeem myself?! no~ typing it here so i don’t forget each mo) i consented to sitting back and watching the freezing cold snow drift. wow~ the scenes were amazing, superb effects and touching theme. it made USA prez look slightly more airheaded than they are (cant vouch for that tho, USA prez are extremely dimwitted about what they’re doing) the movie was pretty humane. makes you wonder, would people really be that nice if it were to happen someday. another point was, altho we predict our resources to die out in some future generations, but we never know what effects it will have, even now. also made me think of what would happen should the end of the world come. i know its a depressing thought, but if God has decided to end the world in a week, what would you all be doing? struggling in vain to survive on your own? or submitting to God? but why, why do people have to wait until these extreme situations to believe that they cannot be in control of everything? one thing many non-believers say is “if there is a God, let Him show Himself or give me a miracle”, but is that what you really want? if you look in the Bible, you’ll see most of the time God shows indication to Himself, it’s during some very scary situation. Jesus preforms His miracles when there is people dying and sick. are you sure you want something like that to happen? (argument given by beiyan) heh~ why can’t people stop being so stuck up sometimes and realize that?! sigh^^” who am i to judge. i’ve done it loads of times too. anyhow, forgot the questions ar was asking me… hmm~ and i even promised to get answers for them. oops^^” yikes… even forgot where my chit-chatting was coming from. ohya~ The Day After Tomorrow.  great movie. tho freaked me out… dang~ i’m living on this little island in BC, Canada. we’d prolly be the first to drown under the great big sea. yikes. it’ll be like hk, except there’ll be no tall biuldings to hide up in. hahaha~ did i spoil enuf of the movie for you? yeeha~ *evil grin* me off…. jya~



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