Tuesday, 08 June 2004

knowing that all you’ve done was a waste must be the next worst feeling to regret…

dang~ i hate life. i hate all you f* people. UFO! UFO!… sigh><” -da- feeling so messed up… and there’s a friggin midt again… when is it?! tomorrow?! how did that creep up?! oh… so you lost your agenda eh? ohoh~ so you were busy sleeping and wasting the hrs away to notice eh!? oh? did i misheard you? you said u were too upset to notice THAT SOME FRIGGIN midterm WORTH 20% coming?! hell to you… and just yesterday u decided to give up some 2hr time to go copy notes on s/ crappy canadian history of beaver pelt trade and staples (wa da hell are those?!) for an idiot than to go study?! nice -da totally nice. i’ll laugh at you fail again… and know what?! i’ll laugh so hard my head will fall off…

im not in da friggin mood to study…
not in da mood to do anything…
crawl back to sleep…

-.-” why do yucky stuff all come in a big pile?! ya~ for example, shit.



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