Sunday, 13 June 2004

went to sunday sch and service today. hm~ i feel i’m such a bad example for non-Christians. sunday sch teacher, betty, was saying how we shouldn’t swear or use dirty words, should be forgiving, should be understanding, follow what God wants for us and not what other people want us to be, and most of all, to make God happy. my first response was, hey, i’m a pretty good person eh^^ but truthfully, i know deep inside that i’ve made alot of mistakes. i do so many things to make God unhappy, and so many things that may bring down other non-Christians. i found a pretty obvious example sitting here when i signed in. check the prev entry. i was gonna delete it and forget abt it, but felt i might as well leave it up and show u what a bad kid i am… sigh-.-” seriously, there’s so many depressive things sidetracking me that s/times forget what i’m really supposed to be doing….

gotta remember, on my 20th bday (yesterday) the person i have to thank the most, is my parents. they’re the ones that took care of me when i was weak, when i didn’t have any hope, when i was useless lil babe. these 20yrs (yes, i kno im friggin old) is all thanks to them! i feel im so immature, realizing this at so late an age… hope it’s not to late to make it up~



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