Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

Tuesday, 03 August 2004

A really interesting book, i must say. Though skeptical at first, the mysterious air within the plot and the way the author creates fictitiously real links between history, art, technology, religion and knowledge and the minds of a symbologist and cyptologist battling against the french version of FBI  is… amazingly captivating. No wonder there is a 600sth waiting list for the 60 copies at our local library. I haven’t finished reading it tho.

Anayways, the day started out real bad. bad to a point of misery. But, all it takes is some faith in God and a nice long sleep (altho mixed with horrifying dreams… can’t remember them, just felt horrible) makes the rest of the day better. better to a point of… “19 RUBBER DUCKY”. but it’s not that good. There’s still exams coming up. alot of them. so MUST study now…




One thought on “Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

  1. wei how r u ar……havnt talk 2 u in ages la….sorrie havnt msg u or ne fing…..me havin a very gay year la…..hope ur doin better than me…..gib me a shout la ^_^”

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