Saturday, 16 October 2004

sucks… many midterms coming. but i must study… must succeed. perfection!!

Went to Art’s house after class with his two friends then to downtown for teppan. Had to wait an hour but that’s ok for me. Went to mall and found out ESprit is open afterall. I was going to send my application form, but procrastination… sigh. Found a pretty nice sweater… $109. Is it a bit too much considering i just ordered a $150 Mindstorm Lego set and another $150 City Airport (10159). Sigh… Art’s lego craze is affecting me… addicting yet repelling me.

Anyway, after we got home, Doumo, Chris, Art, and me played few rounds of mahjong. I won 5 games…hehe^^ I know it’s not good… but keep in mind, a beginner… with these 3 people keep rushing me. haha… It’s tw style anyways… so kinda sucky.

Went to mcD. so tired of it!! Collecting those dumb stamps… hoping to win what? sigh… greediness.

Played a game of Life and i got in 3rd place. keke. Then studied till 945pm while the rest watched part of a movie. Then on the way home went to pick up a few movies. Why are guys so hooked on sex and stuff?! Some obvious sleaziness and they buy that. Sigh… no wonder they say women are the one that succeeds… only guys like to think they are more useful. sigh… sooner or later, i’ll get tired of his attitude… but still… until then, i’ll try to be his “ideal gf”… haha… bitch. Maybe i’ll die of anorexia or something… hope i do. Then he’ll know what he’s doing to me…. hahaha… notice the bitterness here?

ack… better not get carried away. depresses me. gotta keep up the fire burning. i must achieve perfection… (they say aim high and reach high… hehe…). Ganbade ne~


One thought on “Saturday, 16 October 2004

  1. Aiyah~! Guys are like that la~ ^^;; yesterday we were having an open debate. It was more like Ysan Vs Tim.. I think there’s some male egoism going on here ^^; he says that women like to ‘seduce’ men wor~ so, they’re just enjoying this game apparantly. Well he’s saying that women (like me) are accusing all guys for being perverts ^^; I say that if guys weren’t like that then the homo sapiens sapiens would have been extinct by now ^_^;;;;

    Don’t worry about it la~!


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