Wednesday, 20 October 2004

Tomorrow at 4:30, i will start my CSc 370 midterm. a must-pass-midterm-to-pass-course midterm. a if-i-studied-earlier-i-will-be-great midterm. a i-will-fail midterm. aaack. no good. So, after much self-struggling, i end up sitting in engr lab all by myself (wierd stuff, don’t see any classmates around… why is that?? they all find it easy pass?! aack)

Finally worked out how to create table, drop table, insert, select from postgresql. The basics.  Looong way from passing the midterm. Sigh~ and all this hard work, what for? But look at it this way, when i update my resume later, I’ll be able to write PostgreSql under Computer Skills! aaaah~ and imagine all the companies fighting for me as their “junior” (that’s all i can be after this course) database administrator … very encouraging thought…

So, as much as i rather be home sleeping or redesigning my layouts… I’ll study. Afterall, maybe I get to write my own guestbook one of these days (one without all those ads around)… and wouldn’t that be nice…



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