Thursday, 18 November 2004

lets switch back to eng. dang i can’t stand xp’s simplified chinese. but its da only one i can remotely relate to. ain’t it such a painful thing. give me back chinese partner ne time. obsolete software die hard. teehee. yoo may ask moi, you’re EXPERIENCED system analyst. ta da.

dis kinda cute girl opposite me. tee hee. why no hot guys?! oh ya… watch ¡¶ÐÂÔúʦÐÖ¡·¡£ Nic is soooo hot. dang~ i’m startin da ÃÔÁµÐ»Í¢·æ again. tee hee… don’t tell art.

ooooh~ me and art went to Dunsmuir castle in vic. biult by some rich ass. why don’t i know ne one dats got house remotely like it. tee hee. if i found one, u’d be hostin parties daily. tee hee.  imagine da fun. ne wayz, got photos if yoo wanna see.

jaa ne.



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