Sunday, 28 November 2004

ack~ last entry’s chinese has been erased since this dumb layout doesn’t know how to word wrap it into readable onscreen words. dang.

so what have i done? nothing. time is so wasted. especially when nth seems to result from it. such as spending so much hours, months and years with some person which i shall not mention for privacy sake… then realizing it’s all for nothing. that no one really appreciates me and what i do. so, since that being the case, i might as well be a little selfish… and do something which i care about for a change. and leave the running around to someone else.. a tint of grey…

being a bit too upset last week, i broke that little promise to myself and decided to give that someone a second chance. God gave me many chances when i did things against Him, so why can’t I? and so i did. except the result was just as appalling as before. sigh. men, they never learn. and so for these few days, i’ve been spending mostly with friends. which altho isn’t bad, is still missing something. oh, this big black gap in my heart… anyone up to donating one to me?.. i think mine is pretty useless and shattered by now…

goodbye, cruel world…

You scored as Wrath.

Seven deadly sins
created with

aaah~ these seemingly pointless quizzes… how true. actually, no, i’m not angry. i’m fire-breathing steam-blowing angry. no. just disappointed i suppose. no, i’m not even going to be disappointed. i’m not even going to regret caring about him which i do feel strongly. but that’s only gonna make life more miserable. So, as a small treat to Da, i’ve decided to be the angered, spiteful, mean, selfish, greedy, inconsiderate Da i should always have been. So? what’s my first challenge? har har har har~ i shall conquer you all… then slice you to pieces… and watch your blood spray. then i can bathe in pools of your blood… like in kill bill. wahahahahahaha~ die die die die!

hm… as a side note, today, i was so pissed that i started hitting stuff and jumping up and down with fire on my head. must be the first time i’ve gone in such a craze like that. anyhow, suddenly realized i couldn’t quite breathe and fell on my bed and couldn’t get up and couldn’t breathe for at least 5 min. must be developing heart attack or sth? do kids like me get heart attack? hope no. actually, hope so. keep pissing me off you evil world. then i can die. wahahahahaha… dang~ isn’t that such a good thought? I DIE? a pre-death party, anyone? hahahahahaha…

goodbye again cruel world…


One thought on “Sunday, 28 November 2004

  1. Hihi~ Do you really need to be self destructive over a guy? It’s not worth it in the long run ah~.

    ” A man that is worthy of your tears

    Will not make you cry at all”

    I know xanga sucks for Chinese text.

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