Saturday, 04 December 2004

eeps… ysan-san~ why do you always sound to logical and… right. sheesh. tee hee^^ yes i was just very pissed… a feeling which i’ve been getting alot lately… but i’ll be a good girl now. it’s exam time. then it’s christmas time. then new years… so it’ll ruin the holz if im in bad mood… why make it hard for myself over a guy. tee hee^^

as i said… exams comin up. fun stuff. handed in a final project on fri. finally, done with. and bumped into toni garrett. lovely person, makes me feel better every time… just becoz of that lovely smile…. renews my passion to not admit defeat… to WORK HARD… yay.

hanging out with more ppl lately. maybe that bad mood was being stuck inside too long. ah~ poor Da is still so fearful of loneliness… but… must study now

drinking a lot more water and eating a lot less chips lately… if that’s of any interest.



2 thoughts on “Saturday, 04 December 2004

  1. thx for ur advice…by the way, how come no one visits ur xanga…just like mine…..><… lonely there and here….but u know what….i will come over here more often…so keep writing ur diary lo~

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