Friday, 17 December 2004

Final-ly ended!!

Another end of semester. Ah~ the relaxing freedom. But also a tint of helplessness. “If only I studied that chapter a bit more…”, “if I had another chance…” thoughts swirling around. And waiting for the marks to come out is just as tormenting. Anyhow, at least I have time to sleep in and waste all my days^^

I hope this entry provokes those in midst of their studying as much as other entries of such sort provoked me earlier.

Today was supposedly Hunni Bunni’s ´M³·¤§®È but due to rather downcast weather and sleepy pigs… doubt it’s gonna happen. Therefore, i shall stay indoors and finish all that I planned… *ta da* waste the day away~

¡m18ÅÜ¡n Twins – Such A Better Day



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