Monday, 20 December 2004

the opposite side of christmas.

in this world of war and dispute, where men is fighting their fellow men for power, money and other worldy goods, christian’s try to send out messages of peace and love. we sing of joy and happiness, the birth of our saviour, His love and forgiveness, our salvation. but, there’s also another side to remember. Jesus came to cause a lot of people to rise, but also to fall. He would cause a family to split. believers and non believers to clash against one another. because Jesus came this month 2000 years ago as a humble child to show the way to our Father, but at His second coming, He is coming majestically and with a sword. those that didn’t believe Him in life, those that chose to not believe in Him, will not make it to Heaven. So in this season of love and joy, Christians remember it’s also a time for us to make a stand on our beliefs. To show our views on the issues that will effect our lives. and remember, Jesus came to this world, not as a knight in shining armour or a king in riches and glory that the isrealites hoped, but as a humble babe to take on the world’s pain and sin, so that we may see the way to our Father in Heaven.


a sum up of today’s sunday service. it really touched me since i have two people that i love dearly that haven’t believed in Christ yet. and many many others that i would pray dearly to believe. i have tried on occasions to show them, but it’s not enough. can two people with opposite beliefs, different goals, really live with each other? can they understand each other? it really hurts because i had  clash on this issue. but since i wanted to be the “patient” soul, and most importantly to be happy with him, i took a step back. i let it go by. i took a step back to ease our relationship. but this message, it really tears me up…


One thought on “Monday, 20 December 2004

  1. hmmm..hey…ur xanga is sooo nice…looks so professional lor…aiya..too bad u r not here yet…well, take care and asap come back la…then we can go shopshop dindin and drink lar~!!..heee..itz been over a yr since we met la

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