Wednesday, 29 December 2004

Saturday 25.December.2004 Christmas Day

woke up around 500am this morning to finish off some packing altho left @ 8:20am in Art’s car and got on the 9.00am ferry. whew, was that early. after 1.5hr on the ferry, finally reached VaN!! met up with Jo & got to their house. bit tired. had some catching up time before some people started arriving for the Christmas Dinner. Played some 3-people mj before going out to help preparing. lots lots lots of food. after eating to full, went down to get some drinks but felt like drank more juice than anything. played uno, cards, “唔係呀哇﹐o甘鬼易” game, truth & dare (but no one was allowed to ask truth)… thus making a fool in front of the adults. tee hee. but had loads of fun. people started leavin around 2.00am sth

Sunday 26.December.2004 Boxing Day

Jo left for work super early. me didn’t get up in time. so played some ffx2 while waiting for the others to get up then auntie drove us to metro. walked around a got a lil bored especially due to the crowdedness. but ran all the way across to toys r us (since i was still used to going thru da old way) to get what Art wanted. not much time left so went back to meet with da others, but they were SO late lor. sheesh. left back to Jo’s house and watched this jap doggy movie. SO upsetting. poor lil puppy. but it wasn’t that much of a movie, more like a documentary or bibliography. Jo came back but we didn’t go sing k afterall. had a GREAT time chatting with her.

Monday 27.December.2004 Shopping again

Woke up early and played more ffx2 while waiting. they wanted to go drink tea wor. and so we did. then left to go metro to meet Ha. had some fun catching up with this wierd dude. man, we’ve known each other for such a long time lor. hahaha~ i feel old. but we left early coz… nth special in metro. went back home to find the remaining wanted to go to central park and then to metro to buy some stuff. we brought along badminton stuff and fishing stuff but did neither. it was too cold to even stand straight!! fed some kawaii (rubber) duckies and (mine mine) gulls who were jumping for the food like puppies playing tricks for a snack. it was a relief when we left for the mall; at least it was somewhere indoors. unfortunately, i’m officially tired of metro. hahaha. going there 3 times in 2 days is too much. but then, what did i expect. got back in time for dindin. when Jo come back, met with eva to go rmd, sing k, grab a drink and chat awhile. hehe… some nice girl time. hanging around guys all the time gets boring, and losing my feminine touch. i officially *heart* BMW545. where is my 545先生?? maybe we aren’t destined to meet just yet. JOKE!


yep, woke up @ 900am sth and got everything stuffed into bags and ready to catch the 1100am ferry. Uncle drove us all the way there. got on the ferry and grabbed a nearby seat to catch some sleep. there was so many people on the ferry. after another 1.5hr of dozing, this wave of boredomness washed over me as i awaken to find the ferry docking at swartz bay and i’m back @ ViC. sigh. but, got to see my dear Art again. yay.

sowwi pplz for not calling you out. you must realize that i was on a tight schedule. hardly had enuf time to do what i planned. so i shall go back longer and plan much earlier next time… da promises.


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