Thursday, 06 January 2005

to do list

at the start of christmas holz, i thought up a few things i would like done. just so i wouldn’t waste the whole holz. or maybe i was afraid it will get boring. instead, i find i have so much i want to do but not enough time to finish!! now with the new semester starting, i’ll have less and less time…

1. My Website/Portfolio! wuu wuu~ since the &*#$% pinchpenny closed down, and i lost all my dear layouts and creations, my website has nowhere to go. i suppose i should get a new layout fully designed before signing up with a new one. but then, with the lack of time, this will have to drop a few places on my to do list.

2. Client’s site. they’ve described some graphics and information they’d like to see done. the worse part is… they’ve “threatened” to bring in another person to do part of my job… wuuwuu* okay, so they didn’t threaten, but telling me to stop halfway thru a project is the same as calling me a failure!!

3. Textbooks & studying. new semester has begun and to avoid another repitition of the previous semester(s) i realli should get organized earlier and start some reading and preparations.

4. CCF & Fellowship. i realli should go to these two becoz (1) to support my friends and (2) for my personal life. but because i always get hung up doing other stuff, i often neglect going. sigh… forgive me.

5. Sports. okay, i didn’t get a brand new racket for it to sit in the closet and rot away! also, it’s bad for health to not do any exercise at all. with this freezing cold weather, doubt i wanna go swimming anywayz^^ and i need to get a regular sleeping/eating pattern!

6. …there is more, but i should focus on the important parts first…


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