Thursday, 03 February 2005

siemens SL65
i’ve got this very bad habit. once i get my mind on something, however much impractical it is, i want it. i want it! i want it! Check out this Siemens SL65 Escada version. just look at da shimmery jewels. it’s hella pretty! who cares about tiffany. this is style, babe. but i’ll settle nicely with the Siemens SL65. aww… i realli want it. now. but i’m nearly sure that if i buy it now, i’ll regret when i go back to HK (whether its quality in HK or its way way cheaper).

hopefully my bad habit makes up it’s mind for once. i fear arriving at HK and headaching for which model out of the massive range there. 花多眼亂 it’s called. or maybe within these few months, i find another prettier one. ack.

must remember to take my CA passport photos soon. ASAP. and get the applications sent out. i could always just use my US one i suppose, but that seems… sticky. and also get my cover letter and resumes sent out too. tomorrow, tomorrow.

but for now, i really should focus on my 360 assign#2, what say you?

Currently Watching: Siemens SL65
Currently Reading: Siemens SL65 reviews
Currently Listening: 《我要飛》F.I.R 飛兒&#


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