Thursday, 10 February 2005


Happy Chinese New Year…

wow… this is amazing chinese new year. it wasn’t really that fancy. nothing like what u’ll see in hk. no 拜年 and visiting relatives. this year, i stayed up till 6am, not to count down and celebrate, but to write a bleep plshell.c for csc360 class. sigh… bad part is, i wasn’t able to finish it. and imagine attending class at Chinese New Year!! i was at school till 8pm waiting to do my demo and just left to realize i forgot my textbook at the lab. so had to get Art drive us all to elw lab to pick it up. lucky my frd was sitting at that spot, so no one snagged it. then, me, art, and fan bros (doumo & chris) went to eat dindin @ The Keg. yumyumyum… i *heart* mashed potatos. absolute yum yum. then, when we were stuffed to our fullest, we drove off to DQ to eat banana split. yay^^ but left a lot untouched… i feel my tummy exploding even now… then art drove me home.

just sitting down @ my comp to see someone go online… and who may it be but my dear cousin, yan and jojo. woooo~ had a really good good time catching up and basically sharing our latest news… :soob: it was realli fun especially talking about all our childhood games and tricks… :devil: but the chat has left me with a feeling of how blessed i am. i can’t wait till we meet up again…

“talked” with grandma via msn and daddi (translating between computer language to grandm)… hee hee. i miss my daddi and relatives. when can i go back to hk??


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