Friday, 18 February 2005

VDay + Readin Break
woo… haven’t posted in a long time eh? :approve:

so, i was out w/ art on vday. didn’t get anything which was okay i suppose *must learn to be satisfied with what i’ve got* but did get kinda jealous hearin jo gettin all these wonderful prezzies from her bf. okok, mustn’t say anything. went to science world to see this impressive lego display and “the human body” imax film. impressive. ate… malaysian food (i was bit skeptical at first, but i guess i should trust art’s taste in food if not anything else), ramen @ downtown. skipped the crepe and mondo icecream (regretting it now). shopped around there. so many girls were wearin dresses n skirt, must be a great sight for single guys, eh? painful walking experience that day tho…

went to metro to met art, chris n doumo then ran off to alberdeen. got to see my :loveeyes: SL65. i realli want it. so while they went sing k, me and art (mostly just me) headaching over which model to get: Siemens SL65 or Nokia 7270. then went over to ktv to listen fan bro n their friend sing k, then me, art n doumo went off to aji taro for the long awaited all you can eat sushi. yum yum yum. went to meet chris to drive me home while doumo n art got ready for ferry. kinda disappointed that art didnt get the stuff he said he will. sigh~ *must learn to rely on own self*

kinda bored in the mornin when every1 was out. then went to metro & met victor n matt. could still recognize them, but things have changed. tee hee. i must have been either realli O or eeww that day. @least they say it was positive. went down to alberdeen again but simpro only had the black/silver model. if i get the one i like, art will gloat over me and i’ll regret it. if i get the one i don’t realli like, i’ll regret. so, since i’ll regret anyways, might as well enjoy the one i like. tho i am wonderin whether white/silver would have been slightly nicer. went to take some pix then had to run off n meet mic Ha. he ran around rmd w/ me lookin for bmo to get :2cents: for my dear SL65. finally, purchased my “precious”. the transaction was shady tho…hm. went to eat hongmayi (red ant?!? eeww) Ha paid. how sweet of him to remember me. then to future shop. drove me back to jo’s house where we all played w/ my phone as they “studied”. dang~ i can’t help thinkin of *someone*…

chris called me @ 7sth n i packed & left for the 9am ferry. he raced there just in time. whew~ great thanks. tee hee… tho the rush was kinda funni coz i slipped on some ice n pked realli bad. still got this humongous bruise on my knee. lips stopped bleedin but still reddish. ahwell… i was so afraid i lost a tooth or sth. lucky lucky.

ah~ so this is the main part of my reading break. the rest? i’ll be sleeping…


2 thoughts on “Friday, 18 February 2005

  1. hey…. am really worried after hearing you slipped on ice… it can be a very very dangerous thing if it hits your brain.. you got to be careful… + recover soon…

    knowing jojo’d a really good valentine’s day from the photos in friendster, I’m kinda jealous too… I didn’t get anything, not even a valentine’s blessing… what a careless man… *sigh*

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