Camping @ Tofino (2)

2007-06-29 Friday

18:00 Da has finished class!! time to go to camp~~ hurry home!
18:30 Left home and Eddie picked up me, echo and wenna
23:00 Arrive at campsite!!yeah!! Sarah has prepared yummy food for all of us!
Thanks to Eddie for driving 5 hours straight!
Two passengers sleeping in the back = =+
Everyone has arrived safely!
And Da as well!!
what? guy’s tent isn’t ready yet?…oh well, too badXDD
as long as the girl’s tent is up! wash ur feet and let’s go sleep… wahaha

2007-06-30 Saturday

4:38 Woke up to find Sarah rushing back and forth… In sleepy haze, I heard something about tent was dripping? our shoes are wet? huh? (too sleepy and went back snoring ^___^”
8:30 Really big rain. Starting to feel hunger. Didn’t the guys say they were gonna make breakfast? why are they all asleep?? Set up big blue “waterproof” cloth to shade our eating area, just to find that all the cloth were too small and it was dripping! Ate Udon noodle for breakfast. funny… don’t feel hungry anymore.
After we all finished eating… the rain finally stopped! Even the sun came out! Let’s go to the beach!!
Ready girls??
Let’s go!!
Long Beach…. is loooong…




Picture taken by Sarah…
Okay, ready to jump? 1…..2…..
…..3 (notice: pose….. XDDD)
So romantic…
Kids playing in the sand ^____^”
another one for those lovebirds…
Da wants one too~
Echo & Candy

oops… looks like someone ate too much XDD

Simply Halibut Burger…very yummy!
too hungry? let’s eat!
Eddie & his pizza
Schooner Resturant… the resturant we ate at.
Da’s here for food!!^^v
Tofino town/city?… small little place. After our big meal, we found Sarah, Angela and Daphne eating fish and chips! so we went across the road for some ice cream. walked around awhile, asked about hot springs, (woah…. $109 for one person??)

18:00 Still haven’t bumped into Sarah and gang yet, couldn’t find their car, so decide to go back to camp first. Back at the camp, we didn’t know what to do either, so Da goes on taking pics. Played some card games such as “接龍” (dunno name in english) and Big 2… why my cards are always being shown and why am i losing??? ask those cheaters!!! kakaka….
Eddie and his super pro camera


Kinda bored… let’s go outside walk around.
Decide to watch sunset, so hurried back to prepare dinner.
Daixing! Why is there only one fork?? (daixing: forks are expensive!!) ahha~ but daixing is pretty good, he set up the fire and everything really quickly.
thanks to our chefs
getting hungry eh?
let’s take another group pic~
ummm… why is there a toilet pic here? @___@”
okay, everyone ready to go watch sunset?? Went back to Long Beach, but Angela thought of a place which allowed us to watch from the car. Upon arriving, found there was not parking space so hurried off to Tofino town to watch. will we make it?? runnnnn~~




Taken inside car… but still looks pretty eh ^___^
Everytime we enter campsite, there’s a sign for Grice Bay just opposite. This time, we decide to head that way and see what it’s like over there. The road was pretty long, but it was totally worth it! Although it was a small area, it seems like the view for sunset would have been really great from there. Took a few pics, really drawn to this image… pretty yet….

back at the campsite, everyone rushes to brush their teeth, wash their face, plus put on lotion etc before 11PM when the washrooms get locked. Afterwards, we all crowd around the campfire, one group started singing chinese opera, another singing english songs… Da plays with “find 10 difference” game on NDS… hahaha… makes me wanna buy an NDS afterall…

girl talk!! everyone says goodnights and crawls back into the tents… but seems like everyone’s asleep before we can even talk… hahaha!
2007-07-01 Sunday

argh! been rolling around but still can’t sleep!! Decide to get up and enjoy the beautiful morning sun, and fresh air, and also to feed the mosquitos….
Camping 207
View behind the girl’s tent
Camping 221
Just to find a unblocked view of the sky, Da climbs terrains and mountains… okay, just mud puddles and rocky roads, to arrive here! There was a marshy pond so couldn’t go any furthur. Just as Da is relaxed and comfortable, a slug comes crawling around!! aaaaah! Da runs away. Later on, found an emptied campsite with a picnic table for me to sit on. yay!
Camping 248
Morning sunshine shining through the clouds!
Camping 251
pretty flowers around our campsite
Camping 255
Daphne & Da
Camping 254
Watermelon meal…we couldn’t finish it all, so gave the rest to the campers opposite us XDD
Throughout the whole camp, Da’s been climbing here running there, packing sleeping bags, etc and still didn’t break a nail. oooyea!

Let’s give a big round of applause to Daixing for spending so much time research and booking campsite, Alex for organizing food, Sarah and Angela for bringing so much laughter ;), Candy, Echo, Wenna(?), Daphne and Eddie!

so… any ideas for our next trip? ^___^”

P.S. hey… taking all these photos, and organizing, uploading and writing out our whole trip did take quite some time! i’d appreciate it if you can give me some encouragement, such as Leaving a COMMENT, pretty please!!


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