Lust, Caution


Watched 色戒, also known as “Lust, Caution” today, at Odeon Theatre. A film by Ang Lee, adapted from a story by Eileen Chang. In a historical setting of Shanghai and HK, a story of war and betrayal. Although I still think all those raunchy sex scenes did not contribute much, but I must admit that the story was very powerful.

  • How differently men and women approach love. When Mak falls for Yee, she is willing to give up her plans that she gave up so much for. Yet, Yee signed away her life without a second thought.
  • How idiotic chinese can be?! To give up your very reason of existance, your identity? For the country?! And they had so many chances to kill Yee, yet they wanted more information, more, more, more. Finally, Kuang’s unexpressed feelings for Yee, and the betrayal Yee must have felt when everytime she expected and got dissappointed. They may have had more chance to succeed as a small drama club than under the orders of an organized resistance!
  • How much are people willing to turn a blind eye to something they believe in? Mrs. Yee had sensed the unexpected tension between Mak and Yee, yet she let it slip by. Even to the very end, she lied for him.

hehe… just some personal thoughts. but Ang Lee makes very good movies, the detail and precision, the emotion, the tension between them and the suspense of the storyline.


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