2007-01-11 ~ 13 Ski Trip @ Washington

hee~ went snowboarding with uvic csra/ccf group.


Da and Kel arrived @ UVic bookstore at 13:00 (yes, we were later made aware that meeting time was 14:30 (ノ`д´)ノ ). Arrived at the lodge really late, so didn’t have time to do much. Helped out with preparing for hotpot, altho got a really big headache (prolly due to all the noise XD). Kel was really nice and got all the food for me, so altho i was curled up in a lil corner of the sofa, i still ate so much food. haha.


Woke up super early to shower. Da apologizes to all for her super duper bad habits… hot shower water has become such a necessity in life >”< sorriezzz. Got dressed in all those thick comfy clothings and gloves and hats and goggles. sheesh… lucky that i had a longer jacket with me, coz all the falling on my ass would have hurt much worse. Da was really scared of putting on those boots, coz they're so uncomfy, but snowboarding boots are already much better than skiing ones. Trekking out in all those heavy gear, Vincent taught us the basics of how to put on and take off the snowboard (hey, that's a really hard skill u know! XD), how to stand and balance and how to slide. But I guess being a pro at it, it's hard for him to teach something that prolly comes real natural to him. So we spent the rest of the day falling and climbing back up ourselves. Altho snowboarding on itself is really fun, the getting on lifts (and those really awkward things that i really couldn't grab a hold of) or climbing back up the mt after 15:30 (lifts close) was really… grrr! Hey, but we did manage to get safely down from Green hill ^^//. Climbed up bunny hill coz lifts were closed (yah, we were on the last ride!) and couldn't resist going down again, so had to climb up twice. haha XD. Feeling hungry on the way back to the lodge, but everyone seemed to be nice and warm and homely. Bought some food back ate it watching some honger movies… there are funny bits, but honestly, hk movies are a great way to get Da asleep, esp. ones that already watched XD


Woke up super early once again d/t… i really dunno! we’re in no rush since we were told can’t go snowboarding yesterday and returned all our gear (considering we said we’d go when signing up, then backed out, and now hoping to get on the list again? teehee (゚ε゚ ) tough luck!) cleaned up the house, packed our luggage, cooked noodle and all the remaining food for lunch… packed everything into the van and drove up the Mt to take some last min photos. kinda bad luck that altho we only planned for stopping 5 mins thus chose a reserved spot, but that we got stuck in there and needed a big truck and shovels to yank us out. ahha!



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