JUNE 2008

A quick sum up for June 2008. Da always liked June, being it’s such a happy summery month, but 2008’s was a specially eventful month.

(1) Graduation @ UVic… BSc Degree
After all that hard work and studying i’m finally FINISHED with my first degree!! Da is now a CSc major, Business minor, SEng emphasis… Sad part is… i might never use any of the skill i learnt in these courses. But hey, it was a great learning experience, and I’m sure I benefitted from it.

(2) Graduation @ SSCC… Practical Nurse Hilda!!!
Yup… went back for more hardcore studying. I must say, i started off spending SO much time studying for this program, but still trailed off… . I’m done with the classroom based and clinical part of it!! yay!! Now, have to start studying for the Nationals!!!! YIKES!!

(3) Da’s Happy Birthday!!
keke… getting older and older… (☼Д☼)!!! Sigh!!! But I guess, the more I’m getting older, the more I want to get on with life. There’s still so much i want to see and want to do. So many things I would like to learn.

Wrap up: Okay, so maybe it’s pretty dismal accomplishment. Especially after watching some friend’s grad (they were all wearing BEAUTIFUL white dresses, you would think they were all getting married or something!!). Besides looking absolutely stunning (the super heavy makeup and amazingly done up hair styles) they were ALL some honour roll or team captain not to mention prefect or [insert some amazing award prize] winner… so… (T.T”)


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