G900 vs. W850i

Sony Ericsson G900

Dark Red version. Touchscreen with stylus included. Candybar design. Personally, I really like the key lock/unlock button, very efficient, no fumbling around with the softkey and *s. D-pad is easy to use, great.

Still havent had a chance to play thoroughly with it, Ex. wifi. Maybe it’s possible to use just keypad or D-pad to control as many reviews say, but, not really!! Sometimes, u just need to use touchscreen. The top two button, normally the softkeys, are for notes and message but very easily confused as the softkeys. It’s slow, especially when its first turned it on, but it’s getting better. I still preferred the old file manager, maybe because i’m so used to windows, the media manager is nice, but it would have been so much more easier to have it as normal file manager. Still haven’t figured how to load my contact list from MS, that MAJORLY sucks. There’s apparently a few music players in here, the media one, and one on the panels screen. It’s nice to have the option, but does it have to call up both programs?! wasting of valuable memory space.


Sony Ericsson W850i

White. Slider phone. still working wonderfully, looks great except for two cracks on the D-pad. The phonebook keeps telling me it’s full but it can save more #s.


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