20081122 Serving Others

Agape Fellowship volunteered at Mustard Seed Church on Nov.22…

Today was really meaningful for me. I saw my old patient from my preceptorship days, “Mr. PSW”. No longer dressed in hospital gowns, he looked much healthier but still roaming around. He noticed how there was so many asians helping out, and asked a lot of questions concerning our “organization”. It gave me a great opportunity to share our church, our faith, reasons why we attend sunday service etc. I don’t know whether he’ll show up tomorrow, or even, if he’ll be safe tomorrow, but just that chance to talk to him was great…

今天過得很有意義!! 碰到我的舊病人, 「畫木石」先生 (雖然他已經不算我的病人了 但是要公開他的名字還是不太好耶). 聊了幾句之後, 他拿著餐就說『待會聊』. 本來以為他只是急著吃飯所以隨意的打發我, 結果在大家都有餐甚至吃甜點的時候, 他再度走過來問『可以跟你講幾句嗎』『歐 好啊』找了個角落的位置 就開始哈拉說啥有的沒的談談近況旅遊工作談天說地…blah blah blah. 突然間他問『ㄟ 你們是什麼機構?為什麼來這裡?』抓緊機會就跟他說維多利亞華人宣導會崇拜時間, 地點, 等等資料. 心裡想「哎唷 這種人說不定明天睡哪都不知道的, 怎麼會跑來教會」. 雖然, 他聽起來很有興趣參加國語崇拜(因為我們當天都在說國語) 但是還是抱著一個「隨便啦 你先來在說」的心態. 他丟下一句『I’ll see if I can make it…』接著問『is there coffee?』…呵呵.

雖然妲兒出名遲到, 禮拜日特早跑去教會 想說如果他有來 出來的時候就看到他啦. 國語崇拜結束, 很多人走出來, 就是沒有看到他. 問團長他也說沒看過(還把我當白吃XD). 廣東話崇拜一樣的 影子也沒有. 心裡雖然有點失望 但是還是覺得該感謝 至少那天有看到他 他也有興趣啊 希望他到那裡也好 會有機會更加認識這位偉大的神 求神能繼續保佑他.

結果, 崇拜後看到Angela, 她跟我說…『昨天跟你聊的那個人啊 有看到他耶』…他有來!!!!!!! 真的很感動!!! 一個四處流浪 吸毒當吃飯的人 竟然也會被神帶到教會!!! 神真的是滿有慈愛寬容的神… 當很多人可能跟他握手也覺得噁心, 但是神還是如此的疼愛他, 把他帶到自己的家來.

Although the food we prepared was nothing spectacular, in fact, I wouldn’t eat it if u gave me money. But these people ate it with smiles on their face. Our service was nothing (I was just playing waitress, Tina was the professional one ^^) but they were grateful and asked for seconds and thirds.

It’s so easy to be prejudiced against them. When I saw them sitting outside waiting to be fed, I mentioned to Alice…”They have hands and feet, why don’t they find some work?” but they gave me a chance to learn what God means when we have to serve others. 要幫助孤兒寡婦… what the world percieves as the lowest levels.

Sunday’s sermon, 要款待但是不能有怨言, it’s such a hard lesson. But today, with all my dear brother and sisters from Agape, we were able to do that!! We learnt how to serve those less fortunate than us… How we all helped each other out (我們這組應該是史上最快的啦!!!), how we were able to have sharing, and even when we prayed in a circle, everything meant so much to me. Because I could see God’s love for us, how much He has given us so we don’t need to worry about our next meal, and how He has given us hands and legs to serve others. I hope I will never forget to use my hands for His purpose!!!!

“Each one should use whatever gift he has recieved to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in various forms. If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever.” (1 Peter 4:10-11)

各人要照所得的恩賜彼此服事,作神百般恩賜的好管家。若有講道的,要按著神的聖言講;若有服事人的,要按著神所賜的力量服事,叫神在凡事上因耶穌基督得榮耀。原來榮耀、權能都是他的,直到永永遠遠。 阿們!(彼得前書 4:10-11)


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