Dec.02 Flying…

Somehow, flying always gives me a depressing feeling. I can only remind myself, of the wonderful month ahead, and the fun I’ll be having in the near future! weee!

The flight with Air Can was pretty much usual. Got stuck between two “ladies”…one which was annoyingly talkative and nosy. Kept commenting on my knitting (and how to improve it) and peeking at what I was writing, or trying to get me to help her turn off the screen or switch to a particular movie. Ended up didn’t do any of the things I planned to get done on the looooong flight. Well, I’m being mean, she was nice companion when I felt overwhelmingly bored. Didn’t get much of sleep either. Aw. Surprisingly, Air Can did have a lot of movies… phew.


A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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