Dec.03 Arrival to HK

As I unboarded the plane, and retrieved my luggage, (oh, i finally found where the curtesy phone is!! last time i just used my cellphone, which is more long distance cost)…
Haven’t seen Grandma, Grandpa, and Daddy in ages!! It was so great to see them at the airport. Unfortunately, it was late and didn’t want Grandma and Grandpa going home late at night. So me and Daddy got home, pretty late, and after chatting and catching up awhile, decided it was pretty late and went downstairs to Cafe De Coral. Not used to choosing my meals for a loooong time (heh!) we spent another loooong time standing in front of the menu. Still didn’t end up finishing our meal tho, even though it tasted pretty good…

2008.Dec.03 Cafe De Coral Restaurant


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