2009-04-24~26 VicCAC Retreat

Once again, another year at Camp Qwanoes. Although it’s been at the same place for 3~4yrs (I still remember washing dishes with the Canaans at the old camp) but this camp site has also taught me alot.

This year’s theme “Family Ties”/”你家,我家,神家” has taught me a lot of very useful things on dealing with people around me.

  • Playing truth or dare with the gals!!! ^^v
  • Watching other siblings go through disagreement. Sometimes, I really envy them, because although Ki is very willing to listen, she’s just not been through that stage and doesn’t understand it. And always wonder if i’ll be able to make the same sacrifice (changing my future plans) for my own sister.
  • During bedside fellowship, we talked about the verse “A wise son makes his father glad”. We always say why parents couldn’t just state what they wanted us to do instead of lashing out at us why we didn’t do something. Sometimes, them being human too, wants their children to be able to sense their needs and take care of them. Yet, I’m really not “wise” enough to see what…
  • How we have to accept that everyone is just different. Everyone has a different standards to what “孝順” means, and just because they don’t comply to our own standards doesn’t mean we don’t need to honour them.
  • Everyone is different. There’s no right or wrong, it’s just how they were brought up. Its one thing to accept and distance yourself from that person, but there is always one person you can change and that is yourself. Sometimes you need to change yourself and how you deal with others to really get along.
  • Pastor Chen’s sharing how it’s ultimately your own determination for spiritual growth. The church/fellowships can only do so much, in the end it is you who decide to want a closer relationship with God.
  • How to balance different aspect of life. Work, entertainment, relax, spiritual, exercise etc. They don’t just just happen, you need to actively plan for them and work towards them.
  • Pastor Anderson sharing with me during lunch how his work in the health care field had provided many opportunities to share his faith in Christianity. As they are going through such difficult stage (in geriatric/palliative care), to let them know that God has personally prepared a heaven for them, and He is someone who can be relied upon. We talked about how so many HCW are in this field for money (it’s not bad for this sake, so!) and cut corners. Sometimes, just taking the extra time to do an injection right instead of jabbing it in… it’s all things to think about as you go through the work. The importance of little things, such as holding their hands and letting them know you are there, they are not alone.
  • Pastor Anderson had this co-worker who, knowing he was Christian, would always refer to him as Belzebulb, or would give him the most disgusted jobs (barium enemas XD). Although he strongly disliked working with this person, he also bore it very well. He must have felt on many occasions how much he wanted to lash out at this person. When he was finally leaving this job, he even said to his co-worker how great it was working with him and was about to leave it at that. His co-worker replied “It’s been great working with you. If i ever become a Christian, I want to be one just like you” — point of story? sometimes, a silent testimony, no matter how useless you think you are, God will still see it.
  • How like two wings of an airplane, balanced words and actions are both required to bring up a child. Children can see that what you do and say are different and it will undermine your credibility.
  • How to deal with the turbulent years of teenagers. Throughout these two talks that Pastor Anderson gave, I was thinking how mom would be reacting, what she is thinking.
  • How people are so willing to extend their mercy to strangers, but when someone close does something wrong, we immediately think how “they are ALWAYS late, ALWAYS does this wrong…blah”.
  • I can’t say I had a lot of spiritual growth during this retreat, but there was many food-for-thought, many things that I was able to extract from it. It’s such a hard lesson to put into action, and I’m really not a strong Christian. And although I totally agree with what was said (i’d hope to bring up my future children in that way) I can’t disregard 2X years of hatred/annoyance/grievance just after a weekend.

A penny for your thoughts; two for your comments!

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