VicCAC Retreat 維多利亞華人宣導會27屆退休會

Speakers 講員: Rev. Karpark Chen 陳家柏牧師, Rev. Larry Anderson 安得生牧師, Rev. Lawrence Kong 江崇智牧師
Date 日期: April 24 ~ April 26
Address: Camp Qwanoes, Crofton, BC
Weather 天氣: sunshine!

Pastor Chen talk… Think outside the Box; Meal times~~
DSC00977 DSC01020
Girls bedside fellowship…Truth-or-Dare Spin-the-bottle bottles…
DSC01002 DSC00993
Group photo time!!
Because we have so lil Agape-ers this year, each one of us had to be one letter…
DSC01033 DSC01037
DSC01040 DSC01128
Walk along the beach… Leon (dog)
DSC01182 DSC01184
DSC01179 DSC01186
Room 206 gals…the ones who *whisper whisper KAKAKA whisper*
DSC01241 DSC01243 DSC01244 DSC01247
Pastor Anderson…Thanks for giving me so much encouragement!!
DSC01251 DSC01199
Agape again…
DSC01301 DSC01302
姑姊 and Da


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